Monday, September 21, 2009

Vermont or Bust: Day 2

We left Winchester, Va this morning heading towards Vermont. We still had a lot of driving to do, about 8-9 hours. Thankfully the skies were blue and the weather was nice. We passed through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York and finally ended our day in Rutland, Vermont. Along the way we had our fair share of things to write about.

First while going through Shippenburg, PA Jules decided to take a picture of all the corn fields and by opening the window let in the most awful smell imagineable. It was as if we picked up an order of cow manure and put it right in our backseat. The smell burned our eyes and noses and it took a long time to recover from that. We appropriately renamed that town Shittenburg!

We stopped for gas in Hershey, PA (sadly there is no more Hershey Factory) and we found shot glasses and t-shirts and coffee mugs that all said "I love (heart) Intercourse" and in small letters said PA. Apparently there is a town called Intercourse in Pennsylvania......I helped Jules resist the urge to buy everyone something for Christmas.

Then we got lost.....well maybe not lost but we were going the wrong way....for a while. We missed an exit and continued going north well beyond where we should have. (Just an FYI to Google Maps: Allentown, PA is not where you think it is.) After getting straightened out and back on track we were able to enjoy our ride.

Along the way we've seen lots signs for civil war battlefields and museums. We have passed many colleges and some really cool truck stops. We passed Woodstock (but Jules said I was driving too fast to take a picture).
And in Vermont you can see every star in the sky.

oh P.S. We got haircuts and also if you're a Family Guy fan you'll enjoy the picture we've included.

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