Monday, September 21, 2009

Vermont or Bust: Day 1

So Jules and I are going to Vermont on vacation. It's a two day car trip (19 hours) and we are planning on spending 3-4 days in Vermont. We wanted to start this blog so all our friends and family can follow along.

Onto Day 1.

Rain was the story of the day. It rained in Georgia. It rained in South Carolina. It rained until we hit midway into North Carolina. Finally we saw some relief and some blue sky. Not much to see on the drive until we hit the upper parts of North Carolina. The mountains started to show and we gained some elevation and some very nice scenery. Right across the border into Virginia (exit 8) we stopped for gas and ran across a little bar-b-que stand. Turns out it was pretty darn good and the guy that worked there was super friendly (he bought us a piece of pecan pie).
We stopped in Winchester, VA and this will be our halfway point.

On the agenda for day 2: Vermont or bust. Stay tuned.

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